I am Edward H Donato, artist, explorer, student, teacher and father.  I consider my life and work a meditation and experience not only through the process of creating and experiencing the material but also beholding the created object. Seeking to live intentionally I consciously follow inspiration's illuminating light.  


      My hands are my most valued tool as they seem to tirelessly follow and work to understand my spirit and mind. I enjoy the physical labor of working with my hands and using human powered tools whenever possible; enjoying the pace and relationship felt with the material.  


       Silversmithing, carpentry, photography, writing, and drawing are the languages I use to express my thoughts. The ancient's spiritual reverence and appreciation for all resonates deep with me. I follow in their foot steps holding monk like reverence for material, work, and the receiver. 


​      Monte Vista Studio is a sacred space where I can be vulnerable, real and open. Named not only because of the street it sits on but because of the sacredness mountains hold in my heart, hence the name Monte Vista (Mountain View) which is always with me no matter my location. 

The following pages are a glimpse into my thoughts and

Inspir​ation's energy, who has indulged my hands, mind and spirit. May you hear the voice and see the intrigue, beauty, growth, surrender, or whatever speaks to you most. Breath deep, move slowly and aware as you explore the Portfolio's different links or read my blog. May you enjoy and please feel free to contact me.