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About Me.

        I am Edward H. Donato, predominantly a three dimensional multi media artist, maker, father, and helper. Born and raised in the mountains of Tijeras, New Mexico and currently residing in Albuquerque New Mexico. Metal smithing, carpentry, tools, and natural architecture are the languages through which I think, develop and ultimately articulate and share myself.  My art is a learning process that starts with an initial question of how an object was made pre-industry? What was the process of how a craft person harvested material and then processed and shaped it? Studying their tools and techniques I often create my own tools to physically move through the evolution from only the human hand shaping and manipulating, to the use of hand tools, then progressing out beyond that visceral connection to the use of computer and automated tools. Through this repeated process I hear voices of the past and feel the lessons and insights they experienced. Part of this retrospective and walking backwards is an examination and curiosity, a questioning and appreciation for a slower, more intentional, efficient, physical and in many ways conservative way of life. 


      Physically hammering an ingot of metal into a flat sheet, then raising that flat sheet into a three dimensional form which can be used for cooking, drinking or containing is an empowering and enlightening practice. 


      Finding a downed tree, lugging it back to the studio, hand sawing it to length, splitting, hewing, planing and carving honors the life of the tree, the relationship it had with the earth, and the creatures it nourished. As it is shaped into a stool, a tool, a chest or table the tree further shares its self and their stories. 


      Humans are animals, highly evolved and capable creatures and at one point in the not so distant past were able to live with and among the natural world more symbiotically; my art and practice seeks to physically re-cognize that relationship we held to the fullest degree and to share my experience and understanding gained through the corporeal practice of my work.  Seeking to excavate forgotten wisdom and contextualize it into our contemporary world. I am not resistant to technology but find this edge between two worlds rich with inspiration. 



University of New Mexico

Bachelors of Fine Arts - Majoring in studio arts my emphasis was in Small Metals and Jewlery, with supporting work in Pueblo Pottery, Print Making, and photography  


Central New Mexico Community College

Bench Jeweler Certificate  


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 

Black Smithing workshop (Bowls of Balance)


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts 

Hot forging silver and raising  (Silverware set)




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