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  • Edward Donato

An exercise in mindful work, patience and loving oneself

Updated: May 25, 2023


An exercise in mindful work, patience and loving oneself… today while at work I decided to use my left hand as the pulling out of nails from ceiling joists was mundane. My strong yet uncoordinated left hand happily took the job and began awkwardly pulling nails, its movements were unsure and a bit jerky. I noticed my minds initial reaction was to just use my right hand and complete the job quickly but I decided instead to encourage my left hand, to look at it like a young child learning a new skill, to be patient and aware, to feel that awkwardness and realize that must be how I felt as a baby learning to walk (only without a comparison). I worked slowly feeling my muscles seek to learn these new movements feeling each ribbed drywall nail freed from the wood as I pried, aware of the dust that fell on my face shoulders and head. Truly aware, in that moment experiencing it gently and compassionately.

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