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  • Edward Donato

An ocean of influence

When you receive something made by me you not only behold an object crafted by the hands I employ, you receive a part of me, a part of my history, my experience, my relationships, triumphs and failures. All these underlying bits that make up a deeper part of the structure of the physical object you now have are invisible, silently resting within and around it. Those precious weekends spent with my late eldest brother as he quenched my thirst to learn; sharing the mysteries of welding and leading me into understanding. The endless household projects my mother asked and allowed me to do which unknowingly lead me to a deeper understanding of not only the task but myself, teaching me the much needed virtues of seeing things through to completion, knowing there is a way to resolve all issues and the trust a courage to face my fears. The invisible I-beams of love and constant “positive energy” my grandmother told me she was always sending me that also make their way into my work. The finesse taught by the dear man who took me under his wing and shared his wisdom and love like I was a son and of who I considered my father. So much is part of our lives, and flavors what we do, so much is unseen and unknown from the outside like vast oceans under which lay an entire world. When you behold anything made by another imagine these things, appreciate not only the hands, mouth, or mind that created them but the ocean of others (your self included) that all contributed a piece of themselves too. Do good!


Edward Donato

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