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  • Edward Donato

Creating, and its effect

When one produces a creative work, they are bringing out what was within, a process of discovery and thought manifest. For the creator it can be a way of looking at something, a way of experiencing a thought sensually, be it visually, auditorily or otherwise.

When an outside person experiences the creators creation a type of communication takes place through an unwritten language of interpretation and even further discovery by the one experiencing the creation.

As a creator, to share the creation can be a very intimate and petrifying thing to do at first but like speaking in front of a crowd, with repetition it becomes more comfortable. Through this sharing of oneself, of intentionally becoming vulnerable it seems the creator frees themselves to some degree not only by overcoming the fear of vulnerability but by, I think opening up further ones creativeness and allowing it to flow more easily!

Here I will share a bit of myself with you below is a picture I took with the intention of play with the effects of light. So many thoughts come to mind when I look at this picture. Some of which are, movement, light, temporary, blending, spirit,… I see the briefness of our existence, the blending and interconnected-ness we all share, I see life in motion, light in motion, and so much more


Here are a few more for your enjoyment or stimulation of some sort…




Another thought that comes to mind while on this thread of creator and creation is that of a divine creator and the interpretations the creation itself makes not only about it’s self but about its creator. I will leave it there, Happy New Year!!

Edward Doanto

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