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  • Edward Donato

From the Earth

Cool and damp I lie content in darkness when I am shaken and loosened from the constant embrace I was in, a warm light pours over me. I feel myself being lifted, I hear a sound, a calming and gentle sound. I feel pressure and squeezing, I feel my being change with each constriction of those two warm beings. Again I hear that calming sound as I listen intently and in appreciation for its rhythmic and low vibration like the rumble of thunder as it fades and penetrates. I feel my self becoming warm and loose as I am massaged continuously. There begins, a sensation of form of order about myself, once again I hear that gentle sound now though the rhythmic sound begins to be understood with each warming touch and softening kneed I hear thanks, and adoration, now completely submissive and pliable I hear love, I realize this is all focused at me saturating me with its very energy. My spirt now awakened I hear “what form shall you take precious earth?” As I am massaged and folded an odd desire possesses my spirit, an urge, an inner questioning, never before felt, never before asked, an exhilaration of possibility fill my essence! Thoughts of many different forms flood through me as I envision all the beauty I’ve seen. There is one form that begs from within to be realized and as soon as I acknowledged it without any attempt to communicate it I feel the warm hands that brought me out of the Earth begin to shape me as if connected to my consciousness.

Edward Donato

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