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  • Edward Donato

Inspiration, and her love, the Maker

(photo by unknown photographer)

Their relationship is one of selfless passion, and seduction, Inspiration’s allurement, luminous and spirit are irresistible to the Maker’s longing desire to indulge and embrace her, to feel her teasing and then opening as he slowly kisses her soft skin. His strength, enchantment, and skill, along with his gentle understanding and patience draws her to him, to be discovered, appreciated, embraced and fulfilled. A faith exist between the two, both are committed to the other, each holding a key that unlocks the others inner most being. A balance and dependance bind their spirits. When she is not in his presence he spends his time in anticipation of her visits, he exercises, stretches and manicures himself to be always ready for his love. She on the other hand can seem a bit more elusive, her practices kept secret. He never resents her elusiveness and knows her love for him is all there is. Never is her appearance unkept and her beauty never dims in his eyes. Every encounter is fresh, although both are fully familiar with the other there is freshness, a newness and excitement for one another and each encounter. When she arives her smile lightens his heart her sweet voice fills him with joy, they embrace and the energy it produces can be felt in the air that surrounds them. His strong hands, well built body, warmth and sweet sent flood her senses, desire for him rushes through every cell of her body. Holding her, he feels her desire and slowly cresses her lower cheek with the gentle warmth of the back of his fingers and presses his moist supple lips to hers, their spirits intertwine and the dance of love begins. The dance of the two is unending only by death will the two meld into one and become an energy that fills all that they created during life…

(photo by unknown photographer)

Edward Donato

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