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  • Edward Donato

Main frame

Wrapped up the main components of the structure yesterday and managed to figure a way to run the electrical conduit (for lighting) inside the structure to keep the eye on what’s important! It was a little tricky figuring it out but once I had it visualized it all went into place without a problem!!



I guess the main issue was making the connection between the to pieces of conduit while holding the 16′ piece of steel in place and out of the way enough to make the connection, Then slid the steel beam in place. Using chunks of steel clamped to either side of the frame I was able to accomplish this by myself!!


Now with the structure built, the heavy lifting and tricky figuring behind its on to beautifying it or maybe soften it up a bit…

The brick patio will be laid now, once that’s complete I’ll finish up welding the trellises and running the shade cloth cables across the top! Here’s a picture from outside the gate, to give a feel, a taste of the theme. Stay tuned it’s gonna be nice!!…

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