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  • Edward Donato

Thoughts about creativity…

Creative thoughts and ideas seem at times to just appear in the conscious mind from no where, almost like some kind of revelation (a gift possibly?). I love these moments and find these ideas seem to appear most during times of movement either while riding my bicycle or driving along an open highway. It’s almost like the act of physically moving causes my thoughts to move, to progress, to scroll forward. Like the propulsion of my body forward has a similar effect on my thoughts. I’m a picture kinda guy so here’s a picture to keep us moving along …


There are times too, when the thoughts seem to stop, when you are moving along on a project and all of a sudden, blank! Confused or at least unsure what the next step should be you try to force out a solution but the more you try the more it seems to be held in. Like when you lose something and you try and try to find it but can not, as soon as you let go of that struggle it seems though it comes to you and you remember where the lost item is. The same seems to be true with the solutions with our work, when we can step back, allow time and our minds to sort things out next thing you know, there it is! The solution! Seemingly obvious and yet it was obscured for some reason…

Totally unrelated just to share here are two pictures of migrating geese (I think). The second picture I thought was neat because the birds seem to be forming an outline of a mountain landscape.



Edward Donato

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