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  • Edward Donato

True Self


Deep underwater the pressure squeezes my entire being, a faint light flickers above, my feet are bound in seaweed and grass, my arms burn with exertion as I force myself toward that shimmer, my lungs are screaming for air as I clench my mouth and jaw shut resisting the unrelenting urge to breath in. With each stoke of my weakening arms the light expands, drawing from that light and almost as if it was pulling me I stroke again and again. Now only feet from that summit, that edge, I desperately covet. The closer I get the more my body supplicates for that life giving air, to be freed from that murky hypothermic water of bondage. Fire now burning within, my head crests and then explodes out of that wretchedness, my mouth unbolts with force as that sacred breath floods my lungs, my body lightens as that air brings me buoyant! Empowered I reach down and rip those shackles from my feet, the moon illuminates the shore her reflection becomes a path as I swim to life…

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