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  • Edward Donato

Working with my two favorite mediums today…

Started this morning making steel fly as I erected the second side of the patio cover. The job always moves along smoother when you start everything level and square… I guess that’s true with most things in life.


After wrapping up with the steel work I was off to knock some ash logs in to shape. 2 months ago I drove past a house where a husband and his wife were cutting down their tree in the front yard. I noticed they had the majority of the tree down and it was laying on the ground in long lengths! The couple looked frustrated or exhausted at least so I thought I would stop and ask if I could help in exchange for some wood. They were relived and happy to have the help and in fact happy to have someone to haul off all the heavy wood!! I was happy because it was Ash and I had tons of projects to put it to good use! Fast forward to today and here I am making the bed of a pole lathe and the seat of a shave horse.

Here’s the shave horse seat roughly cut.


And here is the pole lathe bed in about the same state




Next I will need to refine them both add legs etc. we’ll save that for another day.

I’ll leave you with a couple images of a pole lathe and a shave horse.


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